Higher Path Living is one of the nation’s top ibogaine aftercare residence with a one-of-a-kind recovery experience. HPL provides an empathetic, non-judgmental, and confidential environment  where each guest can be fully heard and understood. We help meet the needs of individuals and their families by utilizing a mind, body, and spirit approach – to provide the best opportunity for sustained long-term recovery. This approach paves the way toward happiness and gives the spirit fertile ground in which to appreciate, explore, and expand on the strengths you already possess – to flourish – and to fulfill your greatest potential. Our guest’s and their families tell it best … read about their experiences at HPL.

You can also learn more about Higher Path Living by exploring our website, or giving us a call. The road to recovery can be challenging, but with Higher Path Living, we can help you create a better, far-rewarding addiction-free life.

Higher Path Living

Imagine making new friends and living life with purpose in an ibogaine recovery residence. Read our guest’s and their family’s reviews.

Evidence-Based Approach

At Higher Path Living, we respect the needs of the individual and tailor aftercare to address those needs – from aftercare through independent living.


Higher Path Living bridges the transition from addictive behaviors to addiction-free living – with our one-of-kind, innovative approach.

Residence Cost

Three different plans to suit your needs — from a 3 to 9+ month plan. Optional services are available depending on the individuals unique requirements.


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