HPL’s guests and their families tell it best…

“Higher Path Living is a very special place for someone to start their recovery journey. Having been around many facilities across the country, the best institutions were those who focused on letting go of guilt and shame and address the underlying causes of addictions. Higher Path Living follows the model of many of the top treatment centers in the country and their concurrent philosophies at a fraction of the cost. Each individual comes in at a different place in their journey and that is recognized. I came into Higher Path Living already having gone through multiple rehabs and sober livings, having “put in my time”. Prolonged success in recovery is found through wanting to go above and beyond with your goals, and Higher Path Living has a team that fosters an environment to do so. I’ve been given a lot more freedom here than compared to other facilities and with that freedom I had two options: to stay sober or to throw it away for a high. Because of the way I’ve been treated at Higher Path Living I want to stay sober and I want to prove to people I am responsible and do deserve that increased responsibility and dependability. I recommend Higher Path as a viable solution to gain your life back.”

Tommy A., Las Vegas, NV (Age 24)

“Higher Path Living saved my life, I couldn’t have become sober without this amazing team of people, who listen, care, and treat you like family. By far, the best decision I’ve ever made was coming to HPL. I’m like a new person. They taught me amazing tools to use in my everyday life, which made it possible for me to succeed in my recovery. I am truly blessed to have the knowledge that HPL equipped me with for life, and the ongoing support that they show me.”

Leslie M., Parumph, NV (Age 38)

“I had been using drugs for six years and needed a support program after undergoing detox. My medical doctor told me about Higher Path Living so I enrolled a few weeks before Christmas. It was an amazing experience from the get-go. The fact that you don’t have four guys in one small bedroom was a big deal for me because I’m a little shy. And they helped me understand the various recovery programs; 12-Steps, SMART Recovery and Refuge Recovery, and through that, I was able to pull positive things from each one  which worked for me. Nothing was forced down my throat. I am now sober for months and back to enjoying my hobbies like working on project cars and spending quality time with my daughters.”

Nate T., Las Vegas, NV (Age 36)

“Everyone’s experience with substance abuse is different and unique. Providing a general solution to a unique problem, leaves you unable to find exactly what works for you. After years of drug abuse I had finally had enough but was worried I would be generalized and stigmatized when seeking treatment. At Higher Path Living, not only was I treated like a regular person, but I was also heard and able to express what was working for me and what was not. Higher Path Living is not just a safe place, it is a home and a family. The team here is experienced and able to introduce you to many different possible solutions to the substance abuse problems you are facing. This is a place where you not only get better because of the incredible support and individual plan they tailor for you, but a place where the people you are surrounded with want to get better as well. As far as sober living’s are concerned in the Las Vegas Valley, Higher Path Living is absolutely the right choice.”

James G., Las Vegas, NV (Age 24)

“I consider myself a rehab veteran. After several earnest attempts to get and stay sober, I could not sustain long-term sobriety. I longed for real life lessons, how to take care of myself and learn to cope with emotional pain and suffering. Sadly, I became acutely aware that most rehabs are first and foremost, a business; sobriety not being the first priority. I could not endure another rehab as they always have felt like a cross between boot camp and kindergarten. This is not the case at Higher Path Living. I believe that I was Divinely directed to Higher Path Living. I have always known that substance abuse is a symptom of a brain disorder, not a character defect; we already feel defective as it is. That terminology only reinforces the negative self that has kept so many of us sick. At 65 I have found my tribe. We are treated with dignity and respect. At Higher Path Living we are cared for based upon our individual needs. To think I have spent thousands of dollars on rehabs only to relapse again and again before finally finding Higher Path Living. Being respectful and authentic are verbs at Higher Path Living. Good luck to my family here as I would like to never leave.”

Roberta N., Las Vegas, NV (Age 65)

“Five Stars! Higher Path Living has helped my mom tremendously. She is treated with respect and is encouraged to be the driver in her recovery journey. What differentiates HPL to other sober living houses in the Las Vegas Valley is 1) individualized plans based on a person’s goals and areas for support, 2) alternative options to 12-Steps like SMART Recovery, 3) referrals to medical care to treat co-occurring disorders (like anxiety, depression, OCD), 4) emphasis on mindfulness, meditation and Reiki practice, and 5) staff that are deeply invested and care about people’s experiences. Higher Path is very receptive to feedback and importantly, they encourage their clients to contribute to growth. I’m always a bit of a worrier. That said, it’s been wonderful to see my mom make long-lasting friendships rather than isolate, be excited about her future (of course there are still bad days!), and use her voice to speak her truth about her path to sobriety and be heard. There’s a dearth of options for people needing more supported sober living and Higher Path is just what my family needed.”

Whitney N., Portland Oregon


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