Higher Path Living is The Nation's Premier Ibogaine Aftercare Residence with an innovative recovery experience after Ibogaine treatment. We help the individual heal the root causes of addictive behavior with a holistic body, mind and spirit approach building on the unique experience of Ibogaine therapy.


Higher Path Living is one of the nation’s top Ibogaine aftercare residences.  HPL provides an empathetic, non-judgmental, and confidential environment where each guest can be fully heard and understood. We help meet the needs of individuals and their families by utilizing a mind, body, and spirit approach in our Ibogaine sober living residences – to provide the best opportunity for sustained long-term recovery after Ibogaine treatment.

After going through an Ibogaine detox, the importance of finding quality aftercare that is both complimentary to the Ibogaine experience and highly personalized cannot be overstated. Ibogaine does a lot of wonderful things besides acting as a detox agent such as restoring the brain’s dopamine and serotonin levels and helping to resolve long established traumas. What Ibogaine doesn’t do is erase the memories that are conditioned to drug use. These are the so-called “people, places and things”. Aftercare at a location that isn’t associated with previous drug use gives someone a reprieve for their triggers until they can develop the internal controls to deal with them.

In addition, Ibogaine doesn’t undo years of avoiding life’s responsibilities. Those skills have to be learned or re-learned depending on the severity of one’s addiction. And lastly, Ibogaine aftercare is important because many of the old self-defeating thoughts and behaviors associated with addictive drug use are still there in one form or another.

HPL uses an integrative approach to Ibogaine aftercare. This involves consideration of the individual’s personality and needs – helping to integrate the emotional, behavioral, cognitive, and physiological systems within one person, as well as addressing social and spiritual aspects of recovery. To put it simply, we place a great deal of importance on recognizing who you are and tailoring a recovery program that’s going to work for you. Though there are often similarities among people with addictions, no two humans are exactly alike.  Finding your recovery path is a collaborative effort and a process that unfolds over time.


Higher Path Living bridges the transition from ibogaine detox and healing to addiction-free living, with our one-of-kind, innovative approach which has helped many achieve their dreams.

Plan Options & Prices

At Higher Path Living, we make Ibogaine aftercare affordable, with an inclusive pricing package that covers the whole cost of a guest’s stay. Financing is also available through MyTreatmentLender.com.

Life After Ibogaine Healing

The answer to this question is different for everyone – since no two people are alike, each person is on their own recovery journey – but here is a one person’s experience after coming to Higher Path Living.

Stellar Reviews

Imagine making new friends and creating a life of meaning & purpose in one of our recovery residences. Read our guest’s and their family’s reviews – they tell it best.