Overview of HPL's ibogaine aftercare residence following ibogaine treatment

Imagine making new friends and living with purpose. There is a vibrant community at Higher Path Living waiting to support you after ibogaine treatment.

Higher Path Living is  an innovative recovery experience following ibogaine treatment. At HPL we help the individual heal the root causes of addictive behavior with a holistic body, mind and spirit approach building on the unique experience of ibogaine detox and healing.

Our positive family-like environment offers custom recovery options ranging from the latest evidence-based scientific breakthroughs to time-honored practices such as yoga, meditation and mindfulness. Our mission is to give our guests back their personal power over substances and aid them in the transition into a happy, sober life.


The team at HPL actively engages with each guest to understand their history of addictive behaviors, and we work with the individual to create a recovery plan that resonates with them. Since no two people are the same, there is no single avenue to long-lasting sobriety and a life that is addiction-free. HPL’s compassionate approach paves the way towards happiness and provides fertile ground in which to appreciate, explore, and expand on the strengths you already possess – to flourish – and to fulfill your greatest potential.


Substance abuse and other addictive behaviors are not an easy behavior to overcome because of the many emotional, mental and physical effects of the disorder. HPL has a “holistic” approach to recovery after ibogaine healing – focusing on the mind, body and spirit. We don’t use the term “addict” or “alcoholic” when referring to ourselves or guests. We are people who have the issue of addiction, and separate out “addictive behavior” from who we truly are as a person.


Guests are introduced to three time-honored recovery support services including SMART Recovery (Self-Management and Recovery Training), and Refuge Recovery – an  eastern Buddhist-based approach to sobriety. Each of these services provides a different approach or set of tools to recovery, and by exposing our guests to these  approaches, the guest can create their own “recovery tool-box” that empowers them to “take charge of their own recovery…knowing their power within”.

For those coming from traditional treatment programs, w encourage our guests with substance abuse issues to work with addictionologists (medical doctors who are board certified in treating addiction) and we are fortunate to have renowned physicians in Las Vegas that have helped our guests with evidence-based medical care. In addition, HPL has teamed up experts that can assist in dual-diagnosis and therapy for process-addictions, such as gambling.

At HPL we have have team members who have been through ibogaine, and can share with you what their journey in recovery has been during and after their ibogaine experience. We know how to help you transition from this incredible experience into daily life.


HPL puts recovery in motion. We work with our guests to integrate their home and work lives, or assisting in a life transition to process these experiences both with the HPL’s Certified Recovery Coaches, therapists and their peers in residence. This approach is unique to HPL, and helps the individual identify triggers in their regular life and receive the tools to help cope and overcome them. The certified Recovery Coaches at HPL are engaged with the family of each guests to guide and assist them in helping their family member or friend to understand, support and love the person…to see and treat the person as who they are, and to separate out the “person” from the “addictive behavior”.


Each guest must abide by the living standards set by HPL. At HPL, we view recovery as a journey, and we are aware that it’s rare that an individual’s first attempt at sobriety lasts a lifetime. Residences are staffed by a certified Recovery Coach 24/7.


Most guests stay at the HPL residence anywhere from three to 12 months, and lovingly refer to it as their “home for now”. Guests of HPL and graduates meet up at the residence, often with their families, for dinner and socializing. Many former guests keep in touch and participate in outings, recovery support meetings and other activities.