Assessing Ibogaine Treatment Centers: Those who Made the Short-List

Click here to download: “12 Considerations when Choosing an Ibogaine Treatment Center”

Once you have assessed the options, and you have your Ibogaine treatment center short-list, you may want to speak with the center’s senior medical resource e.g. Director. As with any other medical procedure you typically would want to speak with the person(s) responsible for the supervision and/or delivery of the procedure. This is a critical opportunity to get detailed information on the Treatment Program, Medical Staff and Facilities in addition to developing a rapport. Some questions of relevancy during this conversation:

  • What is your background and training?
  • How any Ibogaine treatments have you supervised and/or administered?
  • Can you describe your program? How many days? What happens each day?
  • How does your program align with GITA’s clinical guidelines?
  • Where is the Ibogaine treatment delivered? Is it a clinical environment?
  • How are the Ibogaine hydrochloride doses determined?
  • What procedures, personnel and equipment are available for intervention and/or emergency care?
  • What other medical staff will be involved? In what capacity and what is their background and training?
  • What type of pre-screening and tests are conducted?
  • Are there other considerations (such as special tests, monitoring) that are unique to my situation?
  • Are there any specific risks associated with my unique situation?

Following this conversation, you should have a clear understanding of the safety and effectiveness of the treatment program, the qualifications and background of key medical personnel and the venue and resources in which the treatment occurs.

It’s not uncommon to have one or more providers essentially equivalent with respect to criteria and the decision may come down to a connection or lack thereof with this person. What kind of rapport, if any, did you develop? Do you feel confident and comfortable moving forward?