Guidelines for Choosing An Ibogaine Treatment Center

Click here to download: “12 Considerations when Choosing an Ibogaine Treatment Center”

There are dozens of Ibogaine treatment centers worldwide, so here are guidelines to help you select an Ibogaine treatment center. Overall, we recommend you research your desired treatment center thoroughly, reading testimonials and reviews and making sure they know what they’re talking about. As we’ve mentioned above, ideally your treatment center would be familiar with some clinical guidelines for Ibogaine treatment, such as those published by the Global Ibogaine Therapy Alliance (GITA).

You should be totally confident that an Ibogaine treatment center is professional, employs well-trained staff and will make your safety and recovery an absolute priority.

Identifying Candidate Centers recommends that you begin the selection process by identifying 2-3 candidate centers who provide treatment targeted to your specific condition and may meet other criteria such as location, cost range, etc.

You might start your search for a list of providers by reviewing the Ibogaine Treatment Centers Directory, and then checking out provider websites and phone conversation(s) with intake personnel. During this phase you can ascertain how the provider ranks on much of the criteria above:

  • Treatment Program
  • Medical Staff Qualifications and Facilities
  • Business Stature, Conduct, and Service
  • Cost – This may vary by provider
  • Red or Caution Flags

In addition, you might consider working with an Ibogaine Aftercare provider that can recommend a candidate provider list specific to your needs and concerns. Engaging an Aftercare provider early, as part of an integrated recovery model, can offer value beyond simply providing a candidate provider list. This may include facilitating/assisting in provider assessment but more importantly ensuring that an immediate transition to Ibogaine Aftercare following Ibogaine treatment is in place