Questions about ibogaine aftercare at Higher Path Living

Who does Higher Path Living help?

HPL’s primary focus is for individuals who have completed Ibogaine treatment – both men and women who have addictive behaviors, and for many in recovery, co-existing disorders exists; including anxiety, depression and PTSD-like symptoms.

What is the length of the program?

The minimum stay for the guest is 30 days; however, most guests stay three to six months.

How much does a stay at an Higher Path Living recovery residence cost?

Since each individual’s situation is different, we offer customized for your specific requirements. Medical, private therapy, massages, acupuncture and many other services are available. Each guest is responsible for transportation to and from Las Vegas, and one of the Higher Path Living team members will greet the client at the airport with car service to the residence.

What if I can’t stay the full 30 days – do I get a refund for the unused time?

Higher Path Living requires a minimum of a 30-day stay, and no refunds or partial refunds are given. We recognize that it’s very important that the client devote sufficient time in early recovery. In the scheme of things, 30 days is a mere drop in the bucket of a lifetime, with the rewards of sobriety far exceeding the time and expense.

What if I can’t afford the cost of the residence?

Higher Path Living recognizes that not everyone has the money on hand to cover the cost of a stay at HPL. That is why we have partnered with My Treatment Lender. Click here and you will be taken to our page where you or a family member can apply for a loan and can receive approval in minutes. Higher Path Living does not accept insurance at this time.

Can I use a cell phone and/or laptop?

Yes. When a guest enters Higher Path Living we allow them to use their cell phone, iPad and computer unless circumstances are such that the use of these devices causes the guest to isolate, or brings harmful material into the residences.  The Recovery Coach has the right to remove electronic equipment from a guest’s possession if circumstances require it.

I’m a professional, can I keep in touch with work?

Of course. We recognize that life and life’s responsibilities continue, and at Higher Path Living we help you with the challenges of balancing work and family life with sobriety. When you enter Higher Path Living, the Recovery Coach will assist you in creating a schedule to allow you to keep up with work. Each house is fully equipped with a printer, scanner, and internet service. If a guest must travel for work-related activities while staying at a residence, the Recovery Coach will assist you in transport back and forth to the airport.

Do I have to be sober when I arrive at an Higher Path Living residence?

Yes. We accept guests directly from ibogaine treatment centers. Any guest testing positive for drugs or alcohol during their stay at a residence may be removed from the house and sent back home at guest’s expense. A guest may be re-admitted after demonstrating a sincerity in continuing their path to recovery (depending on space availability).

Do you offer detox services?

No. Higher Path Living is not a treatment center and we do not offer detox services. However, we do have relationships with the most respected ibogaine treatment centers and can refer to superior addictionologists in Las Vegas if further medical support is needed.

Do I have to go to AA or 12-step based meetings?

Higher Path Living is an evidence-based program using the latest research in the field. Higher Path Living does require the completion of the SMART Recovery workbook during your stay at a residence. Also included are SMART Recovery and Refuge Recovery meetings – which tend to help guests better than 12-step meetings.

What if I get sick or need medical treatment?

We will make sure you are taken to an urgent care center or hospital, or a visit with one of Las Vegas’ top addiction physicians or nurse practitioners affiliated with Higher Path Living.

Are meals included?

Meal plan options are available – otherwise the guest can choose to do their own shopping and cooking (plan options).

How about house cleaning and laundry?

Each residence has housekeeping services. There is a washer and dryer at each residence for clients’ use. Guests are responsible for cleanup after meals and beds need to be made each morning and bathrooms cleaned.

Do you offer employment assistance and educational services?

Yes. When a guest is ready to look for work, we will help them create a resume and walk through the process of getting a job. We have relationships with different businesses in the area and can help prepare clients for job interviews. We feel it’s important to empower clients by helping them find employment – though the primary purpose of Higher Path Living is on recovery. For those seeking to continue their education, we will assist them in pursuing their educational goals.

Can you provide a letter to court?

Yes. We are happy to furnish a letter to any court about the guest’s stay at Higher Path Living.