Because the addiction relapse rate is so high, even for those leaving an Ibogaine treatment center, Higher Path Living has stepped in to help bridge the gap. Unlike most aftercare facilities, our recovery residences are built on proven, evidence-based foundations of recovery – to help heal the body, mind and spirt.  We employ a dedicated Ibogaine aftercare team to assist our guests in their recovery process.

Dennis Hofmaier, MBA – Executive Director. Higher Path Living was founded by Dennis after his own experience with recovery from alcohol, and the lack of follow-up aftercare that met his own personal needs.  From that, the Higher Path Living Program was created with compassionate, caring professionals who believe in evidence-based recovery. Denns is a certified SMART Recovery facilitator and author on topics relating to holistic recovery.

Spero G. Alexio – Psychotherapist & Clinical Director

Spero Alexio is a clinically trained psychotherapist and researcher in the field of addictive illness. He is considered both an expert in the dynamics of relapse and a pioneer in the area of non-traditional drug treatment. He encourages clients to view themselves as “human beings” who have addictive behavior, not “addicts” who are defective.

Spero received a BA in Psychology from the University at Buffalo  where he served as a research assistant under Dr. Gail Mauner. He received a double master’s in Psychology and Psychiatric Social Work from Fordham University (2002). Mr. Alexio interned at Creedmoor State Hospital, Queens, N.Y and Weil Cornell Medical College, White Plains, New York. He has done independent research work focused on the conditioning aspects of stimulant type drugs like cocaine and methamphetamine and written numerous articles on addiction.

Spero uses a multi-modal approach to treating addiction that includes cognitive behavioral therapy, client-centered therapy, relapse prevention and SMART recovery meetings. He often works with individuals who don’t do well in traditional rehabs and 12 step meetings and stresses the importance of taking full responsibility for recovery. He is a colleague of internationally recognized addiction expert Terry Gorski and has been certified as a relapse prevention specialist through the Center for Applied Sciences.

Spero has developed Qtherapy- a meditation-based treatment for chronic relapse clients. The treatment neutralizes the conditioned responses to drug related cues. This is especially important for Ibogaine aftercare. Although Ibogaine is an extraordinary detox tool, one thing that it doesn’t do is erases the memories of drug associations. These would be the people, places, things, emotional states and cognitions that each individual has developed related to previous drug use.