Baja Ibogaine Center

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Provider quote: “Our Single, Urgent Goal: To Eliminate Addiction in Our Lifetime.  We are the premier Ibogaine clinic for substance abuse elimination. Our Ibogaine HCL is 99.8% or more pure and free of any harmful toxins.”

Phone: USA +1 (844) 660-4600 and (619) 653-6371

Location: Rosarito Beach, Mexico

Cost of Treatment:  

Program 1- $ 6,500 / 7 Days

Program 2- $ 8,500 / 2 Weeks (1 Week Pre-Detox)

Program 3- $ 8,000 / 2 Weeks (1 Week Aftercare)

Program 4- $ 14,500 / 5 Weeks (30 days Aftercare)

Methadone / Suboxone require a three week pre-detox, plus 1 week Ibogaine treatment $11,500

Please call to confirm pricing.

Length of Treatment: 7, 14, 37 days.

Client Capacity: 6 people

How Long with Ibogaine Treatment:   Baja Ibogaine has been in business for 3 years. Our two main doctors have a combined 15 years of experience administering Ibogaine.

Fatalities:  Zero

Medical Supervision:  Doctor owned facility all licensed in Mexico. Doctor owned Medical Treatment Center with staff Nurses and EMT’s and Psychologists – fully licensed, on the Municipal, State and Federal Levels.

Screening Process: Pre-treatment screening. All treatment programs include: Lab tests, full blood tests, liver panel, EKG and Cardiologist examination, medical examination and psychological counseling.

Transportation:  Clients can fly into Tijuanna, Mexico, but most prefer to fly into San Diego, then get picked up by Baja Ibogaine staff and driven to Mexico.

Special Features:

  • Yoga, the Gym, Sauna, and a host of other amenities at your disposal.
  • Private bedroom suite for the duration of your stay
  • Chef prepared 3 healthy meals daily with snacks in between.
  • Any special dietary needs will be met
  • You will also have time to relax and contemplate your new life after treatment
  • You will have full access to your cell phones and computers
  • You will have a daily session with your doctor
  • Your vital signs will be monitored several times daily
  • Any medical conditions you may have that are deemed necessary to be treated by your doctor will be treated
  • You will be seen by a staff psychologist to discuss any questions you may have
  • You will receive a massage by our certified masseuse
  • Upon special request you may receive a session with a world class Shaman

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