Cost of Ibogaine Treatment

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Although cost is an important consideration it is not by accident that is listed last in selection criteria.  The cost for Ibogaine treatment is not synonymous with value and selecting the lowest cost for an elective medical procedure is not generally advisable. Ideally the cost should fall within ‘normally accepted’ market range. However, this can be difficult to ascertain. An Ibogaine treatment cost that conforms to the minimally acceptable treatment model described in The Treatment Section would typically fall in the $6,000 – $10,000 range.

Note: This price range is an estimate. Prices may vary by treatment center location and additional services and amenities.

Anything below the range may indicate that the safety and efficacy of the treatment program is compromised.

Please be aware that total cost of treatment may also include travel, accommodations and incidental costs to and from the treatment provider’s location.