Experience Ibogaine

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Website: www.experienceibogaine.com

Email:  joseph@experienceibogaine.com

Contact Person and Number: Staff / 1-800-644-8482

Location: Puerta del Mar, Ocean Front, (just south of Rosarito, Mexico).

Cost of Treatment:

5 Days- $5,000 / 7 Days- $6,500 / 10 Days- $7,500

After receiving treatment, clients may extend their stay for $500 a day.

Please call to confirm pricing. Prices sometimes vary based on client’s needs.

Length of Treatment: 5, 7 and 10days.

Client Capacity: 5-6 people, but treatment is staggered to insure safety.

How Long with Ibogaine Treatment: 5 years at current location.  Lead physician has 15 years’ experience with providing Ibogaine treatment.

Fatalities:  Zero

Who do they use for Aftercare? This treatment center puts a heavy emphasis on having a complete and organized plan in place for every patient before leaving the facility.

Medical Supervision:   Very strong medical component for this facility led by Dr. Paul Casillas. Ibogaine treatment protocols based on those created and tested by Ibogaine pioneers like ICEERS and MAPS. The Experience Ibogaine treatment program puts a heavy emphasis on safe, medically supervised Ibogaine treatment. The facility features top-of-the-line medical equipment and a medical team that has over 50 years of combined experience with Ibogaine. Dr. Casillas personally oversees and is present at every Ibogaine treatment administered at Experience Ibogaine.

Screening Process: The first line of screening is done online with the application. Honesty when filling out the application is crucial to determine if you are healthy enough and an appropriate candidate for Ibogaine treatment.

Ultimately, the doctor will decide if an individual is fit for treatment. After you qualify for treatment online, the doctor will go through a screening process at the facility. This screening process is based on results from an EKG, blood tests (for liver enzyme function), drug tests, and a series of questions about the individuals’ health.

Transportation: Guests are picked up from San Diego International Airport and driven through the border into Mexico. Driver’s license required to travel across the border, but not a passport.

Special Features:

  • High Doctor to Patient Ratio. Experience Ibogaine is very cautious about not treating more than 2-3 people at the same time. However, there may be 5-6 people at the facility in different stages of treatment.
  • The facility is in a safe, gated community overlooking the ocean. Patients have their own rooms in a comfortable private setting conducive to recovery.
  • The facility provides a detoxifying sauna, health food, and mild physical exercise.

Provider states: “Experience Ibogaine successfully treats more individuals struggling with addiction than any other Ibogaine treatment center in the world.”

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