Iboga Revolution

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Important Note:  Iboga Revolution is not designed for people who are in active addiction. This retreat is intended for people seeking a deeper spirituality, personal enlightenment or healing & transformational experiences. The friends and family of the addicted person often attend this retreat to experience what their loved ones have gone through with Ibogaine treatment.

Name: Iboga Revolution / Dimitri Mugianis & Adriana Gonzalez

Website:  www.ibogarevolution.com

Email: dimitrimugianis@yahoo.com

Contact Person: Dimitri Mugianis

Location: Rosarito, Baja California, Mexico.

Cost of Retreat:  This is an all-inclusive retreat with a cost of $1500 for accommodations in our spacious, communal room with great views. Private rooms are available for an additional fee of $75 per night (single fee, per room), and shared rooms are available for a fee of $50 per night (two beds.)  Private & shared rooms are dependent on availability and are first come, first served. A deposit of 50% of the total cost is due at the time of registration.

 See website for retreat schedule. Please call to confirm pricing.

Length of Treatment: Three days.

Client Capacity: 4-10 people.

How Long with Ibogaine Treatment:   15 years.

Fatalities:  Zero

Medical Supervision:   Yes

Screening Process:   An online application must be completed first. Please be honest regarding your medical information and any prescription medications you may be taking. After arriving in Mexico on Friday we will begin with a medical screening by our doctor and nurse. Iboga can affect the heart rhythm, but we ensure safety by providing an EKG before the ceremony. We encourage you to get an EKG prior to arriving, as this will save you time once on site. Please note that our doctor must approve all EKG results. A doctor and nurse will be present throughout the entire ceremony. It’s important to mention that these retreats are not for detox or treatment of addiction.

Transportation: We are located approximately 45 minutes from San Diego in Rosarito, Baja California, Mexico.  If you are driving, we will provide directions to our center or to our pick-up location south of San Diego.  There are multiple options for parking your car in secured lots.  Ground transportation is also provided from the San Diego International Airport.  If you are unable to make the group transportation, we will arrange private transportation for you for an additional cost.

Special Features:  Dimitri Mugianis and Adriana Gonzalez have partnered to create these Iboga retreats in Baja Mexico.

About Dimitri Mugianis: For more than a decade, Dimitri Mugianis has been one of the most prolific advocates of ibogaine in the world.  Initiated into the spiritual tradition of Bwiti in Gabon, central Africa in 2006, Dimitri has taken what he has learned and adapted it in a Western context. When not providing ceremony, he works at New York Harm Reduction Educators, providing holistic modalities for active drug users in Harlem.  He is a writer, public speaker, and host of the podcast “Dimitri Mugianis Talks”.

About Adriana Gonzalez:  A Mexican by birthright and full-time resident of Guerrero, Mexico. Adriana brings a wealth of experience including knowledge of yoga and ceremony.  Adriana is the owner of Radiant Heart Yoga & Ceremonial Arts, a spiritual center on the coast of Guerrero, where she holds ceremonies, hosts holistic events, and provides yoga classes.  Her background in the healing arts, plant medicine and sound journeying, as well as her immersion in the local culture perfectly complements the Iboga Revolution experience.

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