Ibogaine Medical Staff Qualifications and Facilities

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Typical of any medical procedure, the medical qualifications and experience of staff involved in the program delivery are paramount. This is especially so with respect to:

  • Pre-screening and medical tests conducted prior to administration of Ibogaine
  • Ibogaine dosage and administration of Ibogaine
  • Monitoring, emergency response and intervention capabilities immediately following Ibogaine administration
  • Although not all staff need to be medically trained it is critical that the provider’s key medical personnel i.e. director, head nurse and those involved in the steps above have the requisite medical training, qualifications and experience.

Equally important as medical staff qualification is the venue or facility in which Ibogaine is administered and the subsequent monitoring. This clearly should be in a clinical medical environment with associated medical equipment for safe administration of Ibogaine, monitoring and emergency response. Although not as critical, the facility to conduct pre-screen testing likewise is best done on clinical medical setting.

A final consideration is access to hospital and emergency services. Ideally the location of the clinical facility should be within reasonable and normal proximity to hospital and emergency services.