Life after ibogaine – Here is a rough timeline for what to expect in the time after ibogaine (it’s different for everyone, but there is a common thematic succession of events as described by Austin W. who underwent three ibogaine treatments, and came to HPL after his third experience with ibogaine).

One day after ibogaine treatment – You will be groggy and not quite “home” you may still feel some residuals of being dope-sick, however, you are fully conscious and aware that addiction is no longer present inside your body, mind, and spirit.

One week – You will start to come around, sleeping is very hard to do. You just went through one of the most traumatic experiences you will ever have (in a really good way!). A powerful addiction was ripped out of your body in just a few hours, so you will need time to feel healthy again. Appetite will come back in this time and you will have an extreme sense of happiness, fulfillment, and wellness.

One month – Things from your past will start to bubble up in this time. Guilt, shame, and self-loathing may be quite powerful in the time up to one month. All the horrible ways your disrespected and hurt yourself will be shown to you in quick succession during the ibogaine experience. However, there is a strong background vibration of wellness and satisfaction and a knowing that it’s all uphill from here.

Three months – This is where the rubber hits the road so to speak. Your past failures and shortcomings will be strongly highlighted from the ibogaine experience, and this is the most critical time. The “high” from ibogaine wears off and you’re left with nothing but your sober mind. Many people will return to drug of choice around 2-3 months if they are going to start using again. There is hope, but you must fight for it. The realities of this world come into focus and it’s time to move on from the old you and put in the work to create the new you.

Six months – Confusion is gone. You are aware that you’re a completely new person. You may still hurt emotionally from the tsunami of your past. But, you will feel “normal” and healthy at this point.

Seven months to one year – From here on its a very personal journey and it’s hard to say where someone else would be. I was still an emotional basket case, the pain from my self-abuse still haunted me slightly. At this point I knew I would be fine and never do drugs again. This realization was no longer painful and unrealistic. It was comforting!

Live after ibogaine, one year + – I am comfortable being my authentic self.  I love myself, which is a rare feeling I haven’t felt since my childhood. Experiences here will differ but by this point: having a job, returning to your life of being a mother, father or spouse is essential, and you are a new person. One night right around 11 months I had a bizarre realization that I wasn’t that same person who used to crawl the streets of Denver looking for heroin just 1 year earlier. I’m a new person. I have ibgoaine and Higher Path Living to thank for that. God Bless.