Red or Caution Flags when Selecting an Ibogaine Treatment Center

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Encountering one or more of the following scenarios indicates additional caution, or possibly removing a candidate provider from further consideration

  • Unrealistic cost estimates – specifically if they are abnormally low.
  • Unawareness of Global Ibogaine Therapy Alliance (GITA) guidelines and/or a program that dramatically diverges from these guidelines.
  • Unrealistic claims of Ibogaine treatment efficacy – specifically that Ibogaine treatment alone is an addiction cure.
  • Lack of transparency with respect to Ibogaine treatment protocol, personnel and facilities. Your treatment center should be open to answering all questions and addressing your concerns.
  • Unwillingness to make key medical personnel available for a conversation.
  • Inconsistency between public information e.g. as shared on a provider’s website and that determined during the assessment process.  A good example would be inconsistencies between key medical personnel identified in public sites and those delivering the services.
  • Inordinate amount of negative reviews, testimonials and social media commentary. In view of the limited sample size both positive and negative reviews should be viewed with a ‘grain of salt’ – however a large preponderance of negative reviews should be a concern.
  • Disparaging remarks about competitor providers.